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"I retained TESA to help us with the business planning and acquisition of our clothing line. With the help of Afshin and his team, we were able to locate a commercial retail shop in a high traffic area, design and build it to our specifications, and helping us acquire a business loan of 250K to cover the costs of improvements and more. Afshin was very knowledgeable with his ability to analyze different business strategies and to come up with the best solution to match our vision and goals."

- Mark

"For a long time, I was planning to renovate our whole house. Many contractors were referred to me before I decided to go with Reza from Tesa and I am very satisfied with my decision. From the beginning, Reza treated our house as his house. He is a perfectionist, design-minded contractor who tries his best to deliver what is expected. In many stages, he went beyond the contract to make sure the final product meets his high standard. He always tried to hire professional, courteous trades to have the best quality work. Since then, many people have visited our house and everyone has admired the quality and look of the renovated house. I have recommended and would continue recommending Reza to friends and families for their renovation work. Reza, keep up the "good work and your high standard."

- Homayoun

"Afshin was an absolute pleasure to work with. One of the most important things for me when hiring anybody is communication. I cannot think of a single time that Afshin had not answered his phone. And believe me, there were a lot of phone calls. Anytime I had a question or concern, I knew that I was going to feel better after a few minutes on the phone with Afshin. Because of his advice (which allowed us to spend well below our budget), we were able to sell the condo (with the help of Afshin and his wonderful staff, of course) for a record amount within our building. Not only has Afshin helped with the process of renovating and selling, but also with our new purchase. Thank you to TESA and Afshin in particular for such a wonderful experience and for really allowing us to move forward in our lives with more comfort than we ever thought possible. 100000 out of 10 if possible! Will go out of my way to recommend to EVERYONE!"

- Nick Soukhaniouk

"Reza and TESA Development did an exceptional job at our home before putting it up for sale! The quality and attention to detail to their work on converting one large bedroom into two was great. In fact, their work helped increase the value of our home prior to selling. TESA Development really understands real estate. I highly recommend their work."

- Kunal Parshotam

"TESA provided quality service, I highly recommend them for any real estate venture."

- Sam N

"As a fellow realtor, it is always a pleasure working with another professional. I look forward to completing many more transactions together."

- Ray Adelson

"We're doing an extension at the back and second-floor addition. Reza and Afshin are very professional and very thorough in letting us know what to expect, we're still at the beginning but so far we're very happy with them."

- Richard Valverde

"The most professional construction team. They consult us for a reasonable price and cost-effective expenses. Outstanding experience ever.
Strongly recommend Reza and his team either small or huge projects."

- Arina Media Group Inc.

We used Afshin’s services for the second time in 2 years. We were ready to sell our home which was purchased with the help of TESA after 18 months for a tremendous profit. The profits allowed us to purchase our dream home, which was purchased for 50k below asking due to Afshin’s phenomenal negotiation abilities. All in all, he was there every step of the way and created another truly stress-free transition. I wouldn’t dare to trust my properties in any other hands. Thank you, Afshin and the rest of the team over at TESA. Top-notch.

- Nick Soukhaniouk

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