About TESA

TESA is proud to be a leader in High-Performance Industries & a rapidly growing firm that advises on strategic investments internationally. We strive for investor satisfaction & our core values derive from unity and equality.

TESA Real Estate Inc. Brokerage 

With Unprecedented Network & Forward-thinking Attributes, TESA Real Estate Inc. Brokerage Specializes In Analyzing, Structuring, Acquiring And Offering Residential/Commercial Real Estate Services. From Land Acquisition To Luxury Real Estate Sales, TESA Real Estate Shall Remain Unmatched In The Industry.


TESA Development Inc. 

With Over 30 Years Of Combined Experience In Design, Engineering, Construction Management, Trade, And Building Technology, TESA Development Inc. Is Strategically Placed At The Forefront Of The Construction Industry. With Advanced Capabilities, We Aim To Elevate And Target The Residential, Commercial, And Industrial Sectors For Our Clients And Portfolio.


TESA Finance Group

By Utilizing Strategic Partnerships With Hundreds Of Lenders, Investors, And Brokers, TESA Finance Group Coordinates To Provide All Types Of Capital For Mortgages, Construction Financing, Private Financing And Equity Investments For All Of Our Client's Needs.



TESA Will Disclose Any Information Relevant To The Agreement In Which TESA Has Been Engaged To Assist.


TESA Will Exercise The Highest Degree Of Competence When Representing You. TESA's Duty Is To Use Superior Skills And Knowledge While Pursuing Your Affairs.


TESA Is Obligated To Obey Clients Lawful And Reasonable Instructions. TESA Helps Clients Come Up With Sound Decisions With Respect To The Current Real Estate Market And Trends.


TESA Is Obligated To Account For All Investor/Client's Monies That Are Entrusted To TESA. For Example, Safeguard Any Money Or Documents Related To The Client's Transactions Or Affairs.


TESA Will Not Use Information Acquired From The Client For Any Purpose Likely To Cause The Client Harm Or To Interfere With The Client's Business, Now Or In The Future. Confidentiality Should Not Be Confused With TESA's Professional Responsibility To Disclose Known Material Facts About Properties To Customers. The Obligation To Disclose Such Facts, Including Defects, Is Based On TESA's Duty To Treat All Persons Fairly And Honesty.


The Most Important Duty TESA Has Is Client Loyalty. TESA Will Place The Interest Of The Client Above And Beyond All Else Except The Law In Carrying Out The Client's Functions.


TESA Will Treat All As Equal. We Reserve The Right to Have And To Provide Fair Opportunities For Everyone.

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